Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Love Life.

Monday night brought with it the opportunity to attend the NYC premiere of "The Hangover, Part II" with one of my friends. I honestly have to say it was one of the best nights that I have had in a long time. The premiere and the red carpet took place at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema.

Actors such as Patrick Wilson, James Van Der Beek, Dermot Mulroney and Zach Braff, along with Calvin Klein and boyfriend Nick Gruber, Ivanka Trump and ice skater Johnny Weir, all made appearances.

After drooling over Hollywood's hottest celebrities on the carpet, we moved into the cinema to view the film.

Hilarious. But, not sure that the film was as good as the first. It's always difficult to live up to the hype of such a successful first film. Still, I loved it! There were a few scenes that had me crying because I was laughing so hard.

Now, on to the best part. After the viewing we went to the post-premiere party at the Top of the Standard. Amazing. Fabulous. Thanks to my friend's connection to the film, we were able to join the cast in their private banquette. There's not much that I can write to fully explain how much fun was to be had. Instead, enjoy the photos!

Sadly, the photo with Dermot Mulroney didn't come out. Boo urns. Everyone was incredibly sweet. Hopefully more star-studded events to come!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Just discovered this creepy Skittles video. I'm consistently a fan of their marketing, especially that disgusting beard! You know what I'm talking about. Yuck.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Comparing Word Clouds From ‘Why We’re at War’ Speeches

Pretty interesting article on the frequency of words used in presidential speeches from New York magazine.

Above is President Obama's speech on Libya as interpreted through the magic of the word cloud. (The size of the words correspond to the frequency with which they were used.) So what does it show us about Obama's priorities last night? You can see his emphasis on the multilateral nature of the effort in the words world, international, allies, and coalition. But people is the biggest word, due to the speech's (and the war's) humanitarian impetus. Notice which word isn't there? War. (Also absent, thankfully, was kinetic military action.)
How is this word cloud different than other presidential 'why we're at war' speeches from recent history? How is it the same? Come. Let's take a look.
Though Qaddafi, Libya, and Libyan were all prominent in Obama's speech, in George W. Bush's Iraq speech on March 19, 2003, the name of the country in question, and its leader, barely register. Saddam Hussein was mentioned only twice.

In Bush's Afghanistan speech on October 7, 2001, one word in particular sticks out to us: patience. Not that he could have known, but considering that we're still in Afghanistan over nine years later, it probably should have been about five times larger, in retrospect.

Bill Clinton, in his Kosovo speech on March 24, 1999, was even more focused than Obama on making it clear we were working with Europe, allies, and NATO.

When Clinton addressed air strikes against Iraq on December 16, 1998, there wasn't much of a coalition to speak of (just the British), so Clinton spent most of his time on the justification part: Saddam and his weapons.

And justifying unilateral action was front and center once again in Clinton's address about the missile strikes against targets in Sudan and Afghanistan on August 20, 1998, which featured the words terrorism, terrorist, and bin Laden.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Pays Homage to His 90-Pound Diet Coke Diet

Karl Lagerfeld Pays Homage To His 90-Pound Diet Coke Diet

"Following up last year's limited edition Diet Coke cans, Chanel's chief designer Karl Lagerfeld, who claims his 2001 90-pound drop was thanks to drinking Diet Coke, has unveiled these new 'Love It Light' creations. As to be expected, they are tall and skinny.

Exploring a New Band...

So, tomorrow night I will once again venture out into NYC nightlife to hear a new band - Civil Twilight. They sound like a mixture of Cold Play and Muse. Review to follow...

"It's all the things we can't explain/That make us human"